What we do @ CapeStart

The CA.P.E Process

CapeStart builds core intellectual property for customers in their journey from pre-funded startups to successful businesses. We have deep technological expertise, a proven track record and unique methodology necessary to build innovative software products for our customers. We are able to deliver with minimal specifications and are nimble to change during the formative phases of a new venture.

The CA.P.E Process in detail

 CA - Customer Analysis.

Each project regardless of scope is designed to the specific and unique requirements of each customer. To accomplish this we talk directly with our customers at the onset of the engagement. We want to understand their technical requirements of course, but we also need to understand their timeframes, business and project goals, expectations, challenges and preferred tools or methodologies. We recommend tools and methodologies that can save time and cost. Then our technical resources craft unique or custom components according to our agreement with the customer on their expectations, budget and timeframe. Our mutual success is assured when nothing is left to chance. Our final solution is form-fitted because we take the time to listen to our customers before any work is begun.

 P - Plan.

We brainstorm among our CapeStart team. We evaluate possible solutions and alternatives. We select the most effective architecture framework and business logic and share these design recommendations with our customers before presenting a design mock-up.

 E - Execute.

We develop APIs and write software. We then validate, test and re-test the code at each stage. We run a comprehensive security audit according to best industry standards and processes and search for weak points or liabilities - resolving as needed. Then we deploy and with customer input we fine-tune to maximize speed, response, security, integration and overall effectiveness. There are no shortcuts with the CA.P.E. process. But by striving for simplicity and speed to market, CapeStart software development customers enjoy outstanding value and an exceptionally high quality result.

CA.P.E., Then Start!