Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

CapeStart believes in the importance of the triple bottom line: Profits, people, and planet. That’s why we work every day to empower change through volunteerism, environmental stewardship, financial assistance, and material donations to worthy causes. 

Scroll down for a summary of some of our most recent CSR activities.

Oliver G Foundation.

Founded by CapeStart CEO Gaugarin Oliver, the Oliver G Foundation runs development and funding programs for entrepreneurs in the Nagercoil area. Every year, entrepreneurs can pitch their business idea for a chance to receive Rs. 100,000 in funding, business development, and mentorship. So far, 32 companies from 5 different cohorts have benefited from this program.

Medical Aid.

  • Thiraviyam Orthopaedic Hospital, Nagercoil
  • Church Street, Neyyoor
  • Nambikkai Alayam, Kazhuvanthittai
  • Vakkathanam, Kerala


Educational Aid.

  • Concordia High School
  • Salvation Army Catherine Booth Hospital (CBH)
  • Otraiyalvilai Govt Higher Secondary School

Kerala Flood Relief.


Kerala saw catastrophic flooding in both August 2018 and 2019, and CapeStart donated Rs. 30,000 worth of aid and supplies for flood victims. 


A donation of Rs. 80,000 was made to help a private citizen renovate her house, which was badly damaged during the 2018 flooding.


A donation of Rs. 40,000 was made to a local person who tragically lost her husband during the 2018 flooding, helping her buy a sewing machine to earn money by stitching clothes.

Pond Cleaning.

CapeStart contributed Rs. 10,000 to Kanyakumari Memes, a local social welfare group, that went towards cleaning a freshwater pond in Kanyakumari District, in Tamil Nadu.

Tree Planting.

Parakkai, Tamil Nadu, India

A team of around 17 CSR volunteers went to a government-run school and, with help from children at the school, planted around 35 trees and other large plants in and around the school premises.

CSR Food Fest.

CapeStart, Nagercoil

CapeStart’s CSR Food Festival raises funds for CSR activities, with five company teams competing against each other to raise the most money. Approximately Rs. 100,000 was raised each year for community-minded projects. 

Covid-19 Relief.

Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India

Provided support in April 2020 in the form of groceries (equal to Rs. 320,000) for 266 needy families disrupted by the coronavirus lockdown.

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