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End-to-End AI & Machine Learning Software Solutions as a Service for the Enterprise.

CapeStart’s in-house data scientists, software developers and machine learning engineers provide innovative, cutting-edge machine learning solutions for the world’s most innovative companies.

We help enterprises just like yours develop and deploy intelligent natural language processing, chatbot, computer vision and other machine learning applications with ease and precision.

AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning,
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Cutting-Edge Insights

Cutting-Edge Insights

Develop custom applications that find patterns, learn and generate deep insights from your data for more efficient operations and reduced costs.

Years of Expertise

Years of Expertise

We’re expertly versed in both traditional machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks for healthcare, marketing, customer support and other business applications.

Always Learning

Always Learning

It’s not just our ML apps that keep learning – we do too! That’s why we’re always on the hunt for the latest trends and technologies, such as BERT, GANs, RL, etc.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

We’ve worked with hundreds of innovative startups and seasoned enterprises to drive value through image recognition and analysis, automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech and other machine learning approaches.

See Us in Action.

Don’t just take our word for it – see how we’ve helped other enterprises develop efficiency-finding AI and machine learning solutions.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences.

CapeStart developed AI and machine learning tools for a leading pharmaceutical and life sciences consulting firm providing analytical, forecasting, and competitive intelligence services to biopharmaceutical and financial companies. These tools aided the client’s subject matter experts during their analysis of the clinical trial market by recommending relevant topics in posts and answering questions quickly, saving the analysts hours of having to go through thousands of documents to find the same answers.

Skin Diseases Detection.

We built a machine learning-based image classification model to help this AI-based healthcare company and its users, including physicians, detect skin diseases through smartphone photos. Our unsupervised image classification model enabled a deep learning algorithm to auto-classify images and improve prediction capabilities.

Automated Classification for EdTech.

An AI-based EdTech solution for teachers to scan, grade and analyze paper quizzes, tests and surveys. It aims to auto-classify quiz questions across all disciplines, by subject, standard and grade. Our team provided text classification using TensorFlow’s decision with a set of well-categorized and annotated training data.

Crisis Management.

A leading PR crisis monitoring firm, which regularly monitors and provides real-time reports for Fortune 500 companies, wanted to incorporate AI into its crisis monitoring service. Our team of machine learning experts worked with the client to build an AI-backed crisis management platform hosting a range of machine learning models, which automatically identifies potential crises from traditional and social media and alerts the team. This crisis command centre is now the epicentre of this crisis platform, with ML models learning from historical data to recommend appropriate responses to crises in real time, and results along with other metrics displayed on an intuitive analytics dashboard.


Our certified developers have years of experience working with dozens of the world’s most popular technology platforms and tools:

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Amazon Sagemaker
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