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Leverage our in-house team of seasoned software developers and DevOps engineers and turn CapeStart into your very own web production studio. We create responsive, innovative solutions that get found, look amazing, and convert prospects into paying customers through our deep web technology experience and agile methodology.

Beautiful, Responsive Web Apps
for Less Time & Money.

Faster Time to Value

Faster Time to Value

Our agile methodology and experienced developers ensure lightning-fast proofs of concept, uninterrupted web development workflows and rapid delivery in quick iterations.

Compliant Solutions

Compliant Solutions

Our experts deploy HIPAA, GDPR and SOC 2 Type II compliant hosting solutions and processes for websites, applications, and data storage specifically designed to meet today’s compliance and security challenges.

Robust Tech Stack

Robust Tech Stack

CapeStart’s software developers are fluent in multiple programming languages and have years of experience with technologies such as Java, PHP, Nodejs, Python, .NET and RESTful APIs.

End-to-End Security

End-to-End Security

We run comprehensive security and quality audits throughout the entire development lifecycle to expose and fix potential weak points and vulnerabilities.

See Us in Action.

Don’t just take our word for it – see how we’ve helped other enterprises develop web applications that drive the most business value.

Patient Identification & Engagement.

CapeStart helped this team of architects, data scientists, backend engineers, and frontend engineers that support patient identification, recruitment and engagement on a fully HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. CapeStart built a web application featuring three different portals, developed using technologies such as Java, Spring Boot, Python, MSSQL, MongoDB, Micro Service, API Gateway, Mapbox, Jenkins, HTML 5, AngularJS, CSS3, and Material Design.

Connectivity, Cloud & Communications.

This company drives growth for network buyers and sellers through more effective participation, targeting and pricing based on authoritative location insight. Our team developed a web-based SaaS solution hosted in Microsoft Azure empowering network operators to create, standardize, enhance and share location serviceability, and uses GIS data to find intelligence on buildings and routes. Technologies implemented include Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, Angular, MapboxGL, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Elastic Search, NodeJS, and Codebeat.

Marketing Content Analytics.

This client provides content analytics for marketers to measure engagement. Using technologies such as Spark, React + Scala, Redux, Databricks and PostgreSQL, CapeStart developed sophisticated machine learning techniques to analyze media consumption and engagement data. This quality-based approach surfaces new audience information and allows comparisons to be made no matter the type, format, or source of content – driving better decision making for producers and advertisers.

Food Service Staffing.

This company offers a complete food service staffing solution that makes restaurant hiring easier and less costly, thanks to an innovative platform and jobs app. Our team developed a web app to help manage job candidates using technologies such as NodeJS, GraphQL, Postgres, ReactJS, ReactNative, and Firebase.

Restaurant Operations Management.

This company provides restaurant operations management software gives full control over food & beverage management, staff management, analytics, insights & reporting, and integrations. CapeStart helped them build various web and mobile applications. Technologies CapeStart implemented to help CrunchTime build these industry-leading products include Spring Boot, Hibernate, Ibatis, ExtJs, Xamarin, and Oracle.


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