Financial, Telecom, Retail & Legal.

Streamline Processes & Optimize Operations with Machine Learning.

Financial, legal, retail and telecommunications companies in the age of data are on the cusp of a machine learning-driven operations revolution. CapeStart’s data analysts, subject matter experts, and machine learning engineers – along with our off-the-shelf training big datasets and pre-trained ML models – provide new ways of streamlining processes, optimizing operations and decreasing risk while reducing costs.

Data Annotation, ML
& Software Development.

We’ve got a track record of innovation and exceptional performance providing end-to-end machine learning and software solutions for financial, legal, retail and telecommunications companies of all sizes. From data collection, to data labeling and annotation, to machine learning applications, to pre-trained models and pre-annotated third-party datasets, CapeStart’s got you covered.

How We Help Organizations in
Financial, Legal, Retail & Telecom.

We work with organizations in Financial Services, Legal, Retail and Telecommunications use the power of data and AI to improve operations, lower costs, and provide outstanding customer experiences.

Financial Services.

CapeStart provides end-to-end machine learning solutions for the financial industry that help optimize portfolio performance, manage assets, mitigate risk, analyze credit scores and approve loans, and even improve customer engagement through intelligent chatbots. CapeStart’s machine learning engineers can build trading algorithms to enable high-frequency trading with less risk.


Offering and Expertise: Machine Learning Solutions, ProNotate platform, Expert Labeling Services, Prebuilt Models, Datasets, Data security


Telecommunications companies can use machine learning to improve and enhance the customer experience through targeted marketing, proactive maintenance, and AI-optimized networks. CapeStart’ custom, machine learning software development and data preparation enable telecom companies to detect and predict network anomalies, proactively fixing issues before they become big customer problems.


Offering and Expertise: Machine Learning Software Development, Prebuilt Models, Datasets, ProNotate platform, Expert Labeling Services


Both online and brick-and-mortar retailers can use AI to track and forecast inventories more effectively, optimize staffing levels, and use big data analytics to predict sales volumes, save money and provide better service. CapeStart can help retailers use AI to develop more effective marketing strategies or provide mobile or web app development to improve customer experience.


Offering and Expertise: Machine Learning Development, Software Engineering, Prebuilt Models, Datasets, ProNotate Labeling platform

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