Who are the Cape Stars?

CapeStart is a global software development firm with headquarters in Cambridge, MA, USA. Our focus is on Machine Learning, Web Solutions and Mobile Apps. We are a full service firm offering product management, design, development, testing and service management solutions. We are able to deliver with minimal specifications and are nimble to change during the formative phases of a new venture.

Combined 1,300 years of experience

Our team is made up of Executives who have launched multiple startups and products. Our developers and analysts have strong technical acumen and project management skills.

134 Projects Delivered

What is unique about CapeStart?

CapeStart has developed a streamlined software development process - CA.P.E. - Customer Analysis, Plan and Execute - that allows us to deliver high quality solutions on time and on budget. Many competitors simply allocate resources to a project - adding more engineers and support staff if commitments or dates slip. This traditional model is expensive and unnecessary. CapeStart has a customer-proven methodology where communication, collaboration and clarity upfront ensure success. We've found that more time invested with customers at the beginning of the development project drives better results than panic at the end.

250+ Dedicated Employees

Open Communication

Customers especially enjoy the open, honest and fast interaction between our development team and their own (if available) – using face to face meetings, phone calls, chat sessions and email communication.

How to Engage CapeStart

CA.P.E., Then Start!