Reliable Data Preparation & Annotation.

Elevate Your Machine Learning Applications with Expertly Labeled Datasets.

Even the best machine learning models are only as good as their training data. That’s why CapeStart’s experienced, integrated team provides data preparation, labeling, annotation and enrichment services for a multitude of healthcare, radiology and other complex use cases.

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    Focus on Finding Efficiencies, Not Data Labeling.

    Our expert data labeling teams have the skill and domain expertise to let you focus on deploying world-beating machine learning models and applications, instead of spending hours preparing reliable training data.

    CapeStart’s seasoned, integrated analyst team and innovative ProNotate data labeling tool combine for a formidable one-two punch to help you prepare, label and annotate images, videos, and other datasets perfectly the first time – every time.

    Harness the latest techniques like contouring, polygon segmentation, bounding boxes and image masking to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your data annotation.

    Data & Image Labeling Services.

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