Influence of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in the Telecom Industry.

Telecommunications is one of the fastest-growing industries where Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning play a vital role in enhancing the customer experience.


With respect to marketing, every Marketing Manager’s job is to identify customers’ needs and deliver a product that meets them. Mobile devices collect data on people’s behaviour. AI automates the analysis of that data, providing previously unavailable insights that give a better understanding of customers’ needs.


Another important aspect of AI in the Telecom Industry is that AI can play a role of enabling the Telecom companies to detect and predict network anomalies, thereby proactively fixing the issues before customers are negatively impacted.


One more important facet AI assists with is network optimization. A Self Organizing Network (SON) fueled by artificial intelligence can help networks continually adapt and reconfigure based on current needs. It is also beneficial when designing new networks and more efficient at providing consistent service.


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