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Expert Medical Image Annotation at a Fraction
of the Cost spent on other Solutions
While dealing with medical images for machine learning — from hospitals to labs to research and development teams — one of the biggest challenges is accurately and professionally annotating large image sets for training data.
It is cost-prohibitive to have medical doctors and data scientists perform the routine and time-consuming task of annotating medical images at scale.
Scale Your Medical Image Training Data Sets
CapeStart offers professional medical image annotation services so you can outsource the tedious task of labeling large sets of medical images.
Our team of experienced offshore medical image technologists — with quality assurance by our expert radiologists — significantly reduces the cost traditionally associated with medical image annotation. Plus, we work with you to ensure your quality requirements are met and the labeled datasets are delivered on time, every time.
By handing off the medical imaging annotation to CapeStart, you have the power to scale your medical image training data sets at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.
What You Can Expect
At CapeStart, we’re committed to helping our clients outsource tedious data preparation tasks with confidence. Our goal is to manage and deliver your data labeling initiatives without the headaches typically associated with outsourcing.
We offer a flexible approach to every project and work within your specific requirements for annotation tools, labeling specs, and file formatting.
To earn your trust, before we move forward with your project at scale, we provide a free trial with a sample of our annotated data for your assessment.
Once we get started, we work with your team in close collaboration to ensure your needs are met, and data is delivered on time and on budget.
We work in constant communication with our customers optimizing efficiencies throughout every project.
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Trust the Experts

Our medical image practice currently serves a wide variety of clients across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, including hospitals and medical universities, centers for clinical data science and ML/ software development companies. Our team consists of certified radiologists, radiologic technologists, ophthalmologists, project managers.

"CapeStart analyzed our requirement to support different image input and output formats. Based on this, they designed a solution that allowed us to scale quickly and achieve great results in our training models"

Sr, Data Scientist Ph.D.,
Medical Systems

"Having a dedicated team of CapeStart’s medical professionals under the supervision of certified radiologists and ophthalmologists allowed us to seek their help in annotating very complex cases "

Sr. Director of Clinical Data

"Outsourcing our image annotation initiatives has been a positive experience with CapeStart. Datasets are turned quickly with high-quality annotations"

Product Manager,
Medical Imaging Diagnostics Platform
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