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It’s time to outsource your routine data tasks.
CapeStart is an outsourced data service and software development firm that gives data-driven organizations the ability to offload tedious data tasks with confidence. Our mission is to provide you with reliable, knowledgeable and affordable solutions for resourcing your big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. Embedded teams of data analysts, data scientists and software developers help you accelerate your product development process, allowing your own teams to focus on growing, improving performance and achieving your goals.
We make it easy
Train algorithms
Train the learning algorithms of virtual assistants and chatbots with accurate datasets of relevant questions and answers
Categorize items
Accurately categorize and label millions of products and images across ever-changing catalogs
Gather data
Gather data required to train, test and correct your machine learning algorithms and models in speech and vision applications
Transcribe documents
Transcribe millions of documents, audio and video files with 99% accuracy
Analyze sentiment
Perform sentiment and tonality analysis on large volume of content
Ensure relevancy
Curate the most relevant content on a specific topic from millions of articles and train systems to eliminate the noise
Trusted by 100+ companies
Hundreds of companies choose to outsource their big data preparation and machine-learning testing efforts to CapeStart’s managed team of trusted, experienced data analysts.
The CapeStart Advantage
Receive Your Data on Time, All the Time
When you work with CapeStart, a hand-picked team of full-time data analysts are assigned to you. When they’re on your project, they’re committed. Our project managers ensure deliverables are dependable and reliably delivered on specifications, on time.
Prepare and Enrich Data Affordably
Our international workforce works across time zones, which helps our clients maintain momentum when trying to reach a deadline. We also complete tasks far more cost-effectively than having your own data scientists work on them at their full-time employee rates.
Receive Consistently Accurate Data Outputs
All data gathered, labeled and analyzed by our data scientists is spot checked for accuracy. Data production is monitored in real-time, while our quality assurance analysts implement analytical QA procedures -mandatory for all our projects.
Work with Knowledgeable Humans
We’re fanatical about hiring the best and most knowledgeable technical talent to ensure that our output is exceptional. Our account managers are readily accessible from our Boston headquarters, and each bring a wealth of startup and entrepreneurial experience to our engagements.
Great Companies Depend on our Expertise for Important projects
We rely on CapeStart 100% to ensure our application based on image recognition is reliable and up-to-date. Their data is incredibly accurate and is a necessity for our business success.
Director of Operations,
Fortune 500 Retail Company
Before CapeStart, we were reliant on crowdsourcing, which was incredibly unreliable. I now have the confidence that I have a skilled set of data analysts, and account manager, to call upon for my data requirements.
Chief Technical Officer,
AI based financial services company
Our data scientists think fondly of the CapeStart team. They no longer have to worry about the janitorial tasks like data prep, and can instead dig into the expert use cases they love.
Senior Data Scientist,
NLP based search engine
CapeStart have given us the ability to scalably increase our data preparation without the headache of having a workforce to manage. My account manager is my life saver!
Lead Research Scientist,
Location Intelligence Platform
Flexible, scalable and cost effective
Outsourcing data preparation to a data science team that has been hand-picked to fit superbly with you team, is not only incredibly cost effective, but helps you meet your deadlines more quickly, and with high accuracy.
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