Case Studies

We partner with smart businesses seeking futuristic solutions and help them fulfill their goals.

Machine Learning based image classification to detect skin diseases

LuminDX is an AI-based health care services company that helps users and physicians make smarter choices in addressing skin diseases from a smartphone photo. Our team implemented an unsupervised image classification model for them that enabled the deep learning algorithm to auto-classify their images and improve the accuracy of its prediction capabilities.

Natural Language Processing based solution to assist human analysts

Client offers a human-curated media monitoring, measurement and intelligence services. Media measurement requires classification of news articles and social media posts under various metrics such as sentiment, key topic, brand affinity and messages. Our team built a text classification model to auto-classify the news articles and social posts using TensorFlow and Deep Neural Networks, thereby significantly increasing the productivity of the analysts.

Mobile app for automatically transcribing meetings

Testfire Labs is an AI software startup leveraging natural language processing and machine learning to build productivity solutions for the modern workforce. Our team developed a cross platform mobile app for the Hendrix application in React native framework with TypeScript. Also we have made enhancements to their websites and webapp which uses Gatsby, GraphQL, Contentful as CMS, React and Redux.

Artificial Intelligence based text classification and categorizing

Validated learning's app Quick Key is an AI-based EdTech solution that include mobile application and web platform for teachers to scan, grade and analyze paper quizzes, tests and surveys. Their AI initiative aims to auto-classify quiz questions across all disciplines, by subject, standard and grade. Our team accomplished this text classification using the decision tree model in TensorFlow with a set of well-categorized training data.

SaaS platform – GIS based searching of millions of buildings

Connected2Fiber drives growth for network buyers and sellers through more effective participation, targeting and pricing based on authoritative location insight. Our team developed a web application that empowers the network operators to create, standardize, enhance and share location serviceability. We have implemented certain functionalities that gives intelligence about the Buildings/Routes. Technologies implemented include Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS, Angular, MapboxGL, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Elastic Search, NodeJS, Codebeat.

HIPAA compliant cloud app for clinical trial patient recruitment

PDR Platform supports patient identification, recruitment and engagement on a fully HIPAA compliant infrastructure. The team comprises of architects, data scientists, backend engineers, frontend engineers and QA. The application includes three different portals developed using technologies such as Java, Spring Boot, Python, MSSQL, MongoDB, Micro Service, API Gateway, Mapbox, Jenkins, HTML 5, AngularJS, CSS3, Material Design.

Sophisticated machine learning techniques to analyze media consumption and engagement data

Diesel Labs is a content analytics product that can help marketers to analyze media preferences regardless of distribution channel and screen size. Diesel Labs evolves the way one thinks about measuring engagement and interest in entity contents. Using technologies such as Spark, React + Scala, Redux, Databricks and PostgreSQL as the database, we developed many functionalities including comparison of entities and displaying their statistical data based on the demographics. This quality-based approach surfaces new audience information and allows comparisons to be made no matter the type, format, or source of content - driving better decision making for producers and advertisers.

System to search through hundreds of sequencers empowering millions of scientists

Meenta is an open marketplace where scientists can book Next-Gen Sequencing instruments on demand, all through an elegant mobile interface that's fast, affordable, and safe. CapeStart team developed multiple modules like map, search, sample, member, lab etc., using Vue.js, Node.js, AngularJS, Firebase, Algolia, Twilio, Mapbox, TakeShape and Shippo.

Guiding patients through email and text messages

Medumo is a patient navigation program to help hospitals, surgical centers, and care teams by sending specific email and text message reminders. Our team designed a Survey page for the patients to have a better interaction with the Medumo team and to get all their questions answered using React as the front end technology.

Large database of healthcare professionals, content management and collaboration

Florence Health delivers news, education and community platform to Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, and Health Administrators, helping each to succeed in the changing world of healthcare. Our team designed a webpage in WordPress and enabled the ability to send newsletters to the Healthcare professionals. MySQL, Elastic Search and integration to SendGrid are used in this platform.

Sleek Patient Referral App

Avant LASIK Spa is a LASIK surgery provider. Our team developed both web and mobile app for them in Node.js, React and MySQL, which is easy to use, sleek and a convenient medium for doctors to refer patients.

Advertising and Marketing Campaign

Customer is the definitive data resource on brands and celebrities, giving brand marketers the confidence and competence to make informed campaign and celebrity-based decisions. We have developed a web application that hosts all the brands and celebrities info using Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Elastic Search, Angular, MySQL, Amazon SQS and API Gateway.

Booking and ecommerce platform

Hingham Shipyard Marinas (HSM) offers a full range of amenities and services including secured and gated state-of-the-art concrete slips, and expanded larger single loaded slips for transient and guest dockage for almost any size vessel. Our team developed a PCI compliant web app in Java and Angular, which allows HSM customers to book dockage/mooring, other boat services and pay for it online.

Ecommerce platform

Lantos Technologies capture ear impressions with enhanced accuracy and provide patients with the perfect custom-fit devices. Our team developed a web app in Spring Boot, Angular, Elastic Search, AWS and MySQL which helps Lantos's customers in placing orders for custom-fit ear devices.

Network Security

Wyebot is a wireless intelligence platform that helps to identify potential threats or problems and to keep the WiFi network up and running. Our team developed a mobile responsive web application using Angular and Node.js. We developed the WebGUI that includes Realtime Dashboard, WiFi Device Management, User Account Management, Alerts system, Network Test portal and Reports system.

An app for entrepreneurs

TIE Go is known for mentoring education and networking to help entrepreneurs and those starting new business. Our team developed a web and mobile app where the admin will have all the list of active members updated from the web app so that end users will be able to view their details via mobile app. Technologies implemented include JAVA, MySQL, AngularJS and Ionic Framework for iOS and Android.

Thanksgiving sales app

The Black Friday is a web-based application where Ads, Sales, Deals and Thanksgiving Sales can be done. Our team is involved in the enhancement of the existing web and mobile applications. Developed a new feature called flyers which helped to promote the sales and Facebook login integration. Technologies used are PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Flat files and Cordova for iOS and Android.

Social media - Photo Concierge app

TurnGram is a social media photo concierge service. Capestart worked in the email distribution process where the input - the shipping status - is obtained from Trello board and an email is triggered to the recipients. Technologies include Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Trello API and MailChimp.

The gaming app

BarTrivia is a game which can be played in our favorite local venue by creating teams with friends. Our team developed both web and mobile based applications for this gaming app using Java, AngularJS, MySQL, Android Studio, Objective-C, and XCode.

News and Information sharing app

CloudBoard News - is a news and information sharing application designed to keep members of any organization, continuously informed, motivated and focused on shared objectives. Our team developed a webapp using .Net, Sqlserver, ChromeCast and JavaScript.

Media Monitoring app

Media Monitoring app where we get live updates from social media websites. Our team developed a web application where we displayed a graphical representaion of the available data in the platform along with their listing. Java, Spring, MySQL, AngularJS, D3 and SVN were used to achieve this.

Empowers women in connecting and matching with dates

A native mobile dating app on iOS that gives women complete control when connecting and matches women in a new and interesting way. Built for iOS 7 with modern Animation controls, Parse, Facebook API and REST based server side architecture implementation.

Friends of Friends dating and associated ecommerce

A native mobile dating app on iOS and Android. Built for iOS 7 with modern Animation controls, Parse, Facebook API and REST based server side architecture implementation. 68 million profiles, 25,000 plus users.

Targeted Physician Job Boards aggregates jobs from multiple sources

Targeted Physician Job Boards utilizes our own conglomerate of niche job boards geared in attracting the perfect fit for your Physician openings. By offering separate, though highly integrated Websites, we can offer Employers and Agencies the opportunity to get connected with the best physician candidates nationwide. This platform was built using cutting edge technologies such as MVC framework, Elastic Search, AngularJS, Bootstrap and Entity Framework and hence the superior performance.

Ecommerce site offering beautiful, colorful scarves

Popular site built for client using Shopify platform. Helped client with e-commerce strategy, selection of a layout, and product launch process. Also assisting with on-going maintenance and back end operations.

Handy counter of plastic bags refused

A native iPhone application for people who sign up for 100 Bags Challenge. It helps them keep track of the number of plastic bags refused.

An online book store for children's books

This online library of illustrated books is a volunteer-driven project built and customized using open source CMS such as WordPress and WooCommerce. It has grown slowly since 1996 from the work of a single man and a handful of books, to a vibrant volunteer-driven organization publishing new books and translations every week.

App for customized regulatory info delivery

Built for iOS 7 focusing on readability with modern animation controls, and REST based server side architecture implementation.

Personalized, tablet based brain therapy tools

Developed a native Android version of the app using service based architecture for implementing server side REST API calls which is also compatible with different OS versions including Kindle, and a wide range of devices with different aspect ratios and resolutions.

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