Produce Submission-Ready CERs in a Fraction of the Time with CapeStart.

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Let’s schedule a one-on-one discovery call. We’ll show you how CapeStart’s integrated, experienced team and semi-automated NLP solution can help you produce and maintain your clinical evaluation report for less time, stress, and cost.

  • Identify all relevant clinical data at light speed with our NLP-aided solution, which uses active learning and an intuitive workflow to assess large volumes of unstructured data quickly and reliably
  • Lean on an experienced team with deep knowledge around clinical evaluation report regulations, medical writing, literature screening, data science, and machine learning
  • Receive submission-ready clinical evaluation reports built with the language, formatting, and information required to ensure regulatory compliance
  • We’ll conduct a gap analysis and help build a clinical evaluation plan for your evaluation defining scope, methodology, and acceptable risk/benefit profile

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