LDV Vision Summit 2021.

Discussing the Disruptive Force of Computer Vision, Machine Learning & AI.

  • 13 May, 2021
  • 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

(The organizers of the event provided the content below.)

Visual technologies leveraging computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing how humans communicate and do business.

New innovations are emerging every month and our visual technology market is poised for exponential growth. As a result, companies are struggling to leverage the right solutions to help them adapt and thrive in the new world.

Join us for an interactive two-day summit to discuss trends and technologies. Meet the world’s brightest technology innovators – and learn firsthand how their visions will transform visual communication and boost or disrupt your businesses.

Who should attend?

» Technology executives evaluating imaging and video companies for partnerships & acquisitions
» Media and brand executives interested in boosting revenue by leveraging new imaging and video products and technologies
» Investors: Visual technologies & businesses deliver tremendous upside – don’t miss the next Instagram, Youtube, Oculus, Snapchat…  
» Imaging and video startups interested in meeting investors, customers, recruiting and potential partners
» Creatives: Photographers, Videographers and anyone creating content
» Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence experts and professionals

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