Reliable data outputs prepared the way you’d expect
More and more innovative companies are turning to CapeStart’s managed workforce solutions to gain better access to quality, scalable talent to handle the most complex, to mundane of data requirements. If you are too, we can help you reduce risk, costs and complexity by gaining better access to experienced data analysts and software developers - on your terms.
Customer Analysis
  1. Conduct customer discovery and document customer goals
  2. Evaluate project requirements
  3. Develop project scope, timeframe and deliver statement of work
  4. Develop timeline for project delivery
  5. Recommend best practice approach and team
  1. Analyze provided sample data sets
  2. Produce sample dataset and deliver to client
  3. Client review and feedback on sample dataset
  4. Incorporate feedback until client satisfied
  5. Statement of work and project scope adjusted to take into account learnings
  1. Project team handpicked based on skill requirements and experience level
  2. Resource plan created
  3. Custom workflow documented and setup
  4. Account team on- boarding and client briefings begin
  5. Project execution
Why Clients Choose CapeStart

Instead of other riskier options such as crowdsourcing, each CapeStart client is assigned a relationship manager and project manager based in Boston, who in turn manages an assigned team of permanent staff, as opposed to freelancers who operate on their own timeline and with varying predictability. The result – superior, accurate solutions delivered reliably, more quickly and in a far more cost-effective way. The dedicated team approach also reduces the time taken to train new analysts and takes full advantage of the experience they gain in the client’s domain.

With deep technological expertise in custom software development, data preparation, data labeling, transcription, analysis, training and machine learning, and enrichment services, we have over time refined a unique methodology that help ensure we meet our data quality, accuracy and customer satisfaction goals. We are able to deliver in short time frames, with minimum guidance and are agile and used to change of scope during the initial phases of project engagement.

Benefits of Working with Us
Focus on core competencies
Focus on what you’re good at, while you outsource non-core processes to us and develop an effective and sustainable relationship that can grow over the long term.
Cost Saving
Outsourcing data preparation and enrichment helps reduce costs related to employee costs, productivity, infrastructure, business operations, technology and more.
Get access to better talent
This is our bread and butter, and we only recruit the right people for the job in order to offer exemplary service to our clients in this competitive market.
Get access to the latest technology
As a professional outsourcing company, we *must* utilise the latest in technologies in order to provide high performance services. You benefit with faster, and more accurate service.
Reduced risk
Outsourcing helps our clients mitigate the risk of technology obsolescence and seek sustainable growth. The risk of data inaccuracy is also reduced because an experienced data analyst is handling the tasks.
Improved productivity
Access to your North American account manager is available during your workday, while data tasks are completed in India overnight, which is 10-12 hours ahead of Canada and the US. This has proven to be very efficient in improving productivity and increasing volumes of data overnight for many of our clients.
CapeStart is unique in the outsourced managed workforce industry because we backup our commitment to each client with a satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our international clients and becoming a long-term resource and partner. Our commitment to every client is so strong that we now offer a complete satisfaction guarantee to ensure each client receives the expected value from our services.
Outsource the Mundane AI & Machine-Learning Data Preparation Tasks With Confidence
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