Case Studies

Showcasing our data preparation and enrichment service success stories
Financial Data Analytics Company
Training data set creation, data labeling, testing and ongoing validation
Client is a data analytics and machine learning company in the financial services sector. Our analysts created, and continue to maintain their training data of world events, by sifting through hundreds of thousands of pages of news, government publications, and other sources of content. Data is then categorized under dozens of labels including date, source, and type of event. The consistency and high quality of our output significantly increased the accuracy of the client’s prediction algorithms.
Celebrity Photography Analytics Company
Image analysis, labeling and image library management
Our client has an elegant solution that requires aggregating and analysis thousands of images on a daily basis of celebrities across numerous sources such as social media, image directories, stock photo galleries and websites. These images are tagged for numerous attributes such as correct name, gender, product logos, and location. CapeStart enrichment data services improve the accuracy of search results within this image platform.
Media Monitoring Software Company
Data extraction, sentiment analysis, document transcription, transcribed audio and video
Our client has a machine-learning based application that helps public relations professionals measure the impact of their efforts by automatically analyzing terabytes of content from blogs, social media and news articles. Our analysts help their search engine perform better by defining entities to monitor through enhanced, complex Boolean strings, curating content for relevance, removing ambiguities and cleaning the datasets. As a result, our client is able to help demonstrate the ROI of public relations activities.
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