AI-powered, Real-world Evidence Repository.

Cut through mountains of medical and scientific literature in minutes with a powerful, scalable tool.

To stay competitive, life sciences and medtech companies must quickly ingest, extract, and analyze massive amounts of scientific data. Scale your research efforts with CapeStart’s proprietary evidence repository and analytics platform’s vast array of data sources, AI-powered search and extraction, streamlined analytics, and centralized data storage that protects your privacy and security. This is made possible by our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who are able to deliver high-quality results using a hybrid strategy combining machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics softwares.

Take Control of The Data-to-insights Journey.

Improve research productivity by as much as 75 percent with CapeStart’s end-to-end life sciences data services platform. Its natural language processing (NLP) technology powers fast and intelligent search and extraction across dozens of medical databases (including PubMed, EMBASE, Cochrane Library, and MEDLINE), clinical trial data, adverse events and recalls, real-world evidence, social media, news, patient communities, etc.

Harvest valuable insights from unstructured data sources across any number of complex formats with our NLP-based platform. Once extracted, data is cleaned and enriched with metadata around product type, populations, sources, and more – accelerating your decision-making with clean and accurate information available in hours, not months.

It all adds up to faster and less onerous R&D, systematic literature reviews (SLRs), clinical evaluation reports (CERs), post-market surveillance, pharmacovigilance.

Use Cases.

Literature Analysis and Clinical Evaluation

Literature Analysis and Clinical Evaluation

Maintain a clean repository of medical and scientific information for regulatory purposes or to create and update SLRs, CERs, and other documents.

Real-world Evidence

Real-world Evidence

Search and extract, clean, and analyze real-world evidence from our vast array of sources up to 75 percent faster than doing it manually.

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

Close the gap between the latest research-based evidence and on-the-ground medical practices before it’s too late.

Postmarket Surveillance

Postmarket Surveillance

Get real-time alerts on safety information and other potential danger signals around already-released products to ensure compliance, quality, and safety.

Sidestep Common Research Challenges.

The Platform was designed to propel researchers past challenges that often hold up their projects and generally make life difficult. If any of the issues below sound familiar, CapeStart’s end-to-end data services platform can help.

Lack of Insights.

A great deal of data is generated during a product's lifecycle, but much of it exists in complex and unstructured formats – making it almost impossible to efficiently analyze manually.

Our NLP-powered platform can:

  • Classify, organize, and store vast amounts of information of all different types.
  • Support non-siloed information exchange through one-click file import and export and integration of external apps through secure API gateways, eliminating repetitive and onerous tasks.

Data Inconsistency.

Inconsistent methodologies often lead to noisy and misleading data. Our hybrid strategy combines AI models for expediting data cleaning with multilingual subject matter experts (SMEs) for human validation, ensuring you’re never stuck with bad data again.

Error-prone, Repetitive Tasks.

Tedious and repetitive tasks are everywhere when it comes to medical research. CapeStart’s hybrid NLP/SME approach streamlines workflows around data cataloging, saving results, data tagging, advanced search, filtering, and more.

Poor Data Visualization.

Graphic-rich, user-friendly interface, and intuitive analytics dashboard come equipped with the latest data visualization capabilities for faster insights.

Other Features and Benefits.

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